Maya Zacpeten Jungle Lodge

Maya Zacpetén Jungle Lodge is located on the peninsula of Lake Sal Petén surrounded by a protected thick ancient forest, a “natural paradise” just a few miles from the archaeological sites of Tikal, Yaxhá, Ixlú and adjacent to the archaeological site of Zac Petén, strong hold of the Maya Ko’ woj who maintained their independence of the site until 1697 A.D.

Bird watching

Over 85 bird species have been documented

The Maya Zacpeten Jungle Lodge is operated in harmony with nature, under ecological guidelines. A perfect place for passionate bird-watchers and rain forest lovers.

Archaeological Sites

Day tours to the archaeological sites of Tikal, Yaxhá, Nakúm, Ceibal, Aguateca and others.

In its heyday the Mayan empire extended from the Yucatan peninsula to modern-day Guatemala and western Honduras. Many important Mayan ruins and archaeological sites are located in Guatemala, particularly in the department of El Peten. 


Guided hiking tours

Guided hiking tours through the jungle trails with a longitude of 5.3 kilometers with different grades of difficulties; a good way to see the monkeys playing on the trees tops, spider monkeys and zaraguates are present and the opportunity to know the medicinal plants in the area used by the Maya.

Lodge Restaurant

National and International cuisine are served at the lodge restaurant. Boxed lunches are prepared upon request.

Other services:

  • Artesian crafts
  • Spanish, English and Italian are spoken.


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